Welcome to the official blog for my first novel, All Things New. If this is your first time here, you can get a brief synopsis of the book here, and can read my author's note here.

If you've been here before, you may notice a few changes. First and foremost, the entries for the story are no longer accessible on this blog. Why, you ask?

Since I first self published All Things New two years ago, I have had the time to review, re-edit, and in some cases, even rewrite sections of the novel. Going through and subsequently editing 50+ individual blog posts is tedious and time consuming. Instead, I've regularly been updating the downloadable ebook files. Of course, this means that the downloadable and online versions are less and less similar. To fix this, I've decided to delete all of the previous entries and merely provide the downloadable books from here on out.

In addition, I'm now offering different formats of All Things New. Previously, it was only available in .epub and .mobi formats, but recently I have had more and more requests to make it available in formats more suited to reading on a computer. So, as of today, you can now download the book as a PDF file. I'm also releasing it as an .azw3 file, since some Kindle users prefer this format over .mobi.
(Download files here.)

I've also added a new widget to the right column to share some of the things that you, my readers, have had to say about the book. As always, your support via emails and donations has been tremendously appreciated. Please feel free to write if you have anything else to say!

Finally, I'm happy to announce that I'm currently releasing my third novel, entitled Critical Times.

With much gratitude,
Your brother,
-EK Jonathan


  1. Really enjoyed all things new, thank you for sharing you work.

  2. Dearest Brother Jonathon,
    My name is Courtney and my family and I live in Arizona. First, I want to tell you how much we adore your books. I have just finished with 'all things new' and I am downloading 'the unrighteous' as i type.
    Second, thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful, thought provoking piece of literature. Before studying the Bible I read as many books as I could get my hands on. My nanna and husband,also witnesses, were book worms too. Your work has allowed us the amazing gift of enjoying a beautiful story again- without avoiding the mine field of new fiction.
    Also, you have given us so many new things to chew on and meditate on together- thank you for your beautiful characters and the love and care you so obviously took to write this in a way to honor Jehovah's great name.
    I cant wait to meet you in the New World dear brother.
    Phillips family from Arizona

  3. I'm not a person who reads books but this one had me hook, read it so fast I could put it down, it made me imagine how The new system will be and how nice to hear everyone experience, thx for sharing yr thoughts on the matter!

  4. Brother this is so encouraging! I loved it! Thank you for such a good description of what it could be like.

  5. Hi Brother! Is there an audio version of 'All Things New'?

    1. Hillary, one option is to download the ePUB format into iBooks on an iPad or iPhone, then use the text-to-speech feature. I personally haven't tried this yet, though.